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The Marion Public Library offers free introductory Internet classes to interested patrons. Please call 765-668-2900 to register.  Press #2 for the Circulation Department.



Computer Classes


Basic Computer Series


Trainees will be able to identify the basics of a computer and its parts, perform simple navigation using Windows, and develop mouse control skills.  Trainees will be able to type in or enter a URL or web address; explain what kinds of information are available on the Internet; search the Internet for information on a topic of interest; understand how to obtain the Internet at home; and gain knowledge about Internet Service Providers (local, commercial and free).

II. INTERMEDIATE INTERNET (prerequisite of Introduction to the Internet class or some knowledge of getting around on the Internet)

Trainees will be able to define what the Internet is; define terms associated with the internet; explain the development of the Internet; identify the different types of search engines; and be aware of Internet dangers and precautions.

III. COMMUNICATING ONLINE:  E-MAIL AND MORE (prerequisite of Intermediate Internet class)

Trainees will be able to obtain an e-mail address from Yahoo!; e-mail a friend; and know how to send and receive e-mail.


Intro to Word

INTRODUCTION TO MICROSOFT WORD (prerequisite of either the Basic Computer series offered by MPL or some experience handling mouse and keyboard)

Trainees will be able to understand the basic tools of Word. Practice skills including: selecting & modifying text; cutting & pasting; opening and saving documents.  Understand there are multiple ways of completing a particular task in Word.


Click on the mouse to try a fun beginning computer exercise:


Click here to practice typing! You can even see your score as you type!




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