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Teen Services



There is a room on the top floor for the teens of our community.  Fitted with a laptop station, study or game table and chairs, HUGE bullentin board, and cool decorations, this area welcomes company.

What can you find in the Teen Room?

  • Comic books and Graphic Novels
  • College Area Check out the small bulletin board to find out about going to college (info about colleges and money for college can be found in the Nonfiction stacks and the Reference area)
  • Crafts for Teens Will be offered periodically (7th through 12th grades)
  • Game Night Join other teens (7th through 12th grades) competing for fun prizes. Will be offered periodically.
  • Games Teens 12 and over may now sign out games to use in the Teen Room only - available games are Dominoes, Scrabble & Uno.
  • Fiction Titles Find new titles, classics, popular series all arranged alphabetically by author's last name.
  • Magazines Current issues are found in the new magazine rack and are for use in the library only - older issues may be checked out for 3 weeks.
  • Printz Book Awards Award for books that exemplify literary excellence in young adult literature.
  • Reference Books Great for reports and always at the library!
  • Textbooks Available for use in the Library if you forgot yours.

Other teen resources available online:

Books & Movies

American Library Association - Young Adult Book Lists:
A wonderful way to browse through the latest books in any area, from fiction to non-fiction.
Harry Potter:
Check out this cool site devoted to Harry Potter fans!
All Movie Guide:
Extensive data includes expert reviews, biographies, ratings, images titles, credits, essays and thousands of descriptive categories.
Internet Movie Database:
The Internet Movie Database has information and links on thousands of movies.
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College & Career

Test Prep
Dome SAT:
Features SAT preparation study guides, vocab drills, and practice tests. Subjects included are math, essay writing, critical reading, and vocab.
I Need a Pencil:
This site offers 60 lessons, more than 800 practice exam questions for the SAT, and a score projector that calculates how well you will do on the exam.
March 2 Success:
The U.S. Army has collaborated with the publishers of Peterson Guides to create this ACT and SAT test prep site offering seven full-length practice tests and 25 decks of flash cards.
College Board:
An internet guide for teens, including book reviews, links and discussions.
College Net:
Find official forms for admissions, housing, tuition, contributions and more for selected universities.
An online resource for students providing information and tools to research, prepare, apply, finance, and get ready for higher education.
Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid online.
One of the most comprehensive annotated collections of information about student financial aid on the web.
Mapping Your Future:
Counsels students and families about college, career, and financial aid choices through a state-of-the-art public service web site.
Indiana Job Bank:
State employment security agency's database of jobs is searchable by keyword or occupation.
Find national job openings, career assistance and information.
The best job search web site. Updated regularly.
Next Step:
Next Step magazines offers a helpful site for teens interested in going to college.
Occupational Outlook:
Detailed information about careers from one of the most popular books (published by the U.S. Department of Labor) used in counseling individuals about the world of work.
Quintessential Careers:
Just for teens! You'll find stuff to help you get a job, get a summer job, find a career, find a college, find financial aid, find a college major(s) and minor(s), and more.
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All Music Guide:
Extensive information on musical artists. Includes biographies, discographies, credits, and more.
Billboard Online:
Find music industry news.
CMJ Online:
Offers an interactive music discovery service for new music fans, professionals and artists.
Find out what's happening in the Country music world with Country Music Television.
Features news and reviews from the music industry.
Rolling Stone:
Online version of the popular music magazine.
Ultimate Band List:
Browse artists by name, genre, and decade.
Features news and reviews from the music industry.
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Adrenaline Vault:
This site is for computer gamers. It contains the latest new and game reviews.
1000+ Free Java games can be found here, from tetris remakes to gameboy emulators.
A fun site full of free games, such as miniature golf, billiards, and card games. No registration required.
This is the video game manufacturer's official site. It has all you need to know about Capcom games.
Cheat Code Central:
Has cheats and codes for all the major platforms.
Coffee Break Arcade:
Fun games, some require downloading.
This site has video game cheats and codes.
This site contains information about the latest video game reviews, fantasy football, as well as the latest entertainment news.
Nabisco World Homepage:
Contains children's games that are fun for all ages, all in the Nabisco Brand theme.
The official Nintendo website, this site contains all things Nintendo, from the latest gaming news to downloads.
RollerBoy 2:
Play free games online! Requires registration.
This site contains all the latest news and release dates for Sega games.
Lots of games, but requires downloading.
This is a site for those wanting the latest entertainment news. It also contains sports and video game news.
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Homework Hotline:
The Homework Hotline provides middle and high school students with math and science homework help free of charge and after-school hours. Students who call the Hotline number will speak to a Rose-Hulman student tutor working from the Learning Center on Rose-Hulman's campus in Terre Haute, Indiana. The toll free number is 1-877-275-7673 - Sunday through Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m.
Drive Home Safe:
A teen driving website center for parents and future teen drivers needing solutions, instruction, statistics and education on everything about safe teen driving.
Go Ask Alice:
The mission of Go Ask Alice! is to increase access to, and use of, health information by providing factual, in-depth, straight-forward, and nonjudgmental information.
How Stuff Works:
Find out how stuff works!
High School Hub:
A free online interactive learning center for high school students.
Preventing Plagiarism: Keepin' It Real:
This page on plagiarism, created by UC-San Diego, features 10 sections addressing plagiarism-related issues and provides scenarios for students to ponder.
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper:
Terrific links to educational sites on the Internet.
Information Please: Online Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference:
An online version of the popular almanac. Includes an encyclopedia, dictionary, and an atlas.
A multitude of quality Internet sites.
English, Literature & Foreign Languages
APlus Research & Writing for High School and College Students Home Page:
A resource for how to research and write a report.
Banned Books On-Line:
Discusses censored & banned books.
Foreign languages for travelers:
Basic language lessons for travelers.
Foreign Language Dictionary:
Word-by-word translator.
HTI American Verse Project:
Texts of selected American poets.
Human-Languages Page:
Links to dictionaries, language lessons, schools, translators and jobs.
Native American Authors:
Online texts of selected Native American authors.
On-Line Literary Criticism:
Links to critical works of selected authors.
Shakespeare's Works:
Complete works of Shakespeare.
Study guides similar to CliffsNotes.
Fine Arts
Exploratoruim: the museum of science, art and human perception:
Online exhibits and science for the layperson.
National Civil Rights Museum:
Comprehensive overview of the Civil Rights Movement.
National Gallery of Art:
Online tours of collections.
Smithsonian Institution:
Links to the research centers and museums of the Smithsonian.
History & Biography
American Memory from the Library of Congress:
Collections of historical documents and photographs.
American Presidency:
Biographies of Presidents, Vice Presidents and their spouses. Also includes articles about the Presidency, voting rights, and some quick facts. From Grolier Online.
Any Day in History:
Enter month and day to see who was born or died on that day. Also select events by year and month.
Best of History Web Sites:
Contains annotated links to over 1000 history web sites, as well links to hundreds of quality K-12 history lesson plans, history teacher guides, history activities, history games, history quizzes, and more.
Biographical Dictionary:
Very brief biographies of notable people from ancient to modern times.
Short bios on people from ancient times to the present.
Celebration of Women Writers:
Collection of biographies of selected women writers.
Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences:
Searchable by name or by discipline.
First Ladies of the White House:
Listing of the United States First Ladies.
Inventor's Hall of Fame:
Biographies of 19th & 20th century inventors in America.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University:
Collection of his papers, sermons, and speeches. Also has articles about and by him, as well as biographical information.
Masters of Photography:
Selected modern photographers with bios, samples of their works, and links to galleries and articles.
Supreme Court Justices:
A general site about the Supreme Court, its history, and decisions both past and present. It has links to bios of past and present Justices, as well as other information about their decisions and the Court in general.
U.S. Presidents:
Listing of Presidents of the United States.
U.S. Presidents:
Has background information, cabinet members, notable events, election results, with links to bios, historical documents, and sound and video clips.
Women Mathematicians:
List of selected women mathematicians searchable by name or date.
World History: HyperHistory:
Timelines with links to brief bios, events and maps.
Math & Science
Alaska Volcano Observatory:
Find out about volcanoes in Alaska and current volcanic activity.
Animal Resources from Sea World & Busch Gardens:
Links to selected animals and sea life. Has some fast facts, pictures, and tropical forest information.
Botany Encyclopedia of Plants:
Sponsored by a seed company, this site is meant for gardeners. It is very selective but good for what it covers. Plants can be searched by their common or scientific names.
CELLS alive!
A graphic presentation that covers both plant and animal cells.
Division of Endangered Species, Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and Plants:
Sponsored by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Has charts and brief technical information. Some tables may require Acrobat. Not easily understandable by younger students.
Earthquake Information from the USGS:
Has FAQ's, links to other resources, and basic information about quakes. There are also some sound files and links to information about specific quakes.
Endangered Animals:
Has lists of selected endangered animals primarily residing in the U.S. The information is very brief. There is a link to fact sheets that tell more about selected animals.
Endangered Species:
Has links to brief information about selected endangered creatures, why they are endangered, and what is being done. Note that selected picture does not refer to the creature shown.
Health Information:
From the National Library of Medicine. Has links to various sites for locating health data. Links are arranged by topic and are searchable.
Human Anatomy Online:
A graphical interface to information about the body. Requires frames. Also has animations and images and can be searched.
Intellicast Dr. Dewpoint Main Page:
Has articles, questions and answers, weather almanacs, and general information about weather.
Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math:
This site has math questions with their answers arranged by grade level. Students submit questions that are answered by experts then archived for others to review. Might be a useful "how to" site.
Nine Planets:
Has information about the planets, their myths, history, characteristics, discovery, and so forth. Multimedia presentation with nice pictures.
Virtual Frog dissection:
A multimedia, interactive, step by step presentation that requires Movie Player.
Scientific American: Ask the Experts:
This is part of the online version of the magazine. It has answers to questions submitted by readers/students. Previous questions are archived by topic. The entire site is searchable but can be limited to specific sections.
Weather Channel:
Has basic daily and weekly forecasts searchable by place, name or zip code. There are also links to articles about weather. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to resources for teachers and students.
WebElements periodic table of the elements:
Online version of the Periodic table. Click on desired element for in-depth information about the element.
WebMath: Solve your math problems today:
Has step by step instructions for solving various types of problems. They are arranged by personal math, finance, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc.
Windows to the Universe:
Basic astronomy information about the planets, solar system, rockets, and space missions. There are some biographies of scientists and astronauts.
Godchecker's Mythology Encyclopedia currently features over 1,600 deities. Browse the pantheons of the world and explore ancient myths.
Social Sciences
African-American Mosaic:
Guide to Library of Congress collections. Covers all aspects of Afro-American experience.
American FactFinder:
A searchable source for population, housing, economic, and geographic data
Atlapedia Online:
Political and geographic maps, basic facts, and statistics about countries.
CIA - the World Factbook:
Basic information about countries. Similar in format but more extensive in information to the Background Notes.
Good site for current events, news, and in-depth analysis.
Country Studies: Area Handbook Series (Library of Congress/Federal Research Division):
In-depth studies of political, economic, social, military, and geographical status of selected countries. An online version of the Area Handbooks
Facts for Families:
Information in pamphlet style on various aspects of family relations.
FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions
Searchable current and historical decisions going back to 1840's.
A Chronology of US Historical Documents:
A selection of historical U.S. documents from Pre-Colonial times to the present- Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and others.
How Laws are Made:
A step-by-step explanation of the process with links to hearings and bills.
Allows comparison of statistical data in the areas of geography, economy, population, and social indicators between selectable United Nations Countries.
Key to the City - Names of all Fifty States:
A commercial site that has brief and basic information about cities in the U.S. Search by state and then by city.
Native American Authors:
Links to biographical, bibliographic and critical analysis of authors and their works. Covers mostly modern authors. Can be searched by name, title of work or tribal affiliation.
State Government Homepages:
Links to state homepages. Some states have fact pages.
Thomas Legislative Info on the Internet:
Searchable full text Congressional Record, committee reports of 103 to date. With links to other legislative and historical documents some going back to the 1770's.
U.S. Census Bureau Home Page:
Get statistics and news from the Census Bureau on people, business and geography.
U.S. Government Printing Office:
Provides some access to documents and publications of various government agencies. It is searchable by keyword.
Style Manuals
Son of Citation Machine
An interactive web tool designed to assist teachers and students in producing reference citations for crediting information from other people. Does MLA & APA citation styles.
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Just for Fun

Anime Turnpike:
Index to thousands of Japanese Animation websites.
Bored? Visit's top-rated sites.
Comic Book Resources:
Links to comic related information.
Home of comics on the web - over 90 different cartoons.
DC Comics:
Tons of information on DC Comics.
Disney TV:
Learn more about your favorite Disney shows and movies, and play games.
How Stuff Works:
Find out how stuff works!
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