Let’s Knit & Crochet — 2 Comments

  1. I am still new to the area. Is this activity still active? I would love to be able to find some fellow fiber artists!

    • Yes, our knit and crochet group meets each Thursday afternoon, plus the Grant County Fiber Arts Guild meets once Saturday a month. The Fiber Arts Guild usually meets at the library, with occasional events at such places as Knit ‘N’ Purl. (It’s the county’s biggest yarn store, and it’s near Fairmount.)

      We also keep a decent collection of books and magazines for fiber-arts crafters. I order nonfiction, and I just put in for some new crochet books. (Trying to find one for lefties!)

      And don’t forget that the Quilters Hall of Fame has its annual celebration in June, and a lot of the events are at the library. If you’re slightly into quilting, you will be into it pretty hard by the time you meet all the quilters who come each year. And if you’re a quilter – well, you’re going to have a great time.

      Hope you will become a frequent visitor.

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