Would you like to learn more about how to use computers and other new technology? Visit the Circulation desk or call 765-668-2900 x 101 to sign up for one of the courses we offer.

Basic Computer Series

Basic Computing and Introduction to the Internet (no prerequisite)

Trainees will be able to identify the basics of a computer and its parts, perform simple navigation using Windows, and develop mouse control skills. We will explain what kinds of information are available on the Internet and search the Internet for information on a topic of interest

Intermediate Internet (prerequisite of Introduction to the Internet class or some knowledge of getting around on the Internet)

We will identify the different types of search engines; and be aware of Internet dangers and precautions. Trainees will do several different searches and learn to print from the Internet.

Intro to Word

Introduction to Microsoft Word (prerequisite of either the Basic Computer series offered by MPL or some experience handling mouse and keyboard)

Trainees will be able to understand the basic tools of Word. Practice skills including: selecting & modifying text; cutting & pasting; opening and saving documents.  Understand there are multiple ways of completing a particular task in Word.

IPad/IPhone Class

Learn the basics of your iPad and/or iPhone. Bring your device. Plan on playing around with it and sharing your favorite apps with the group. Learn how to use Overdrive and Hoopla for downloadable materials (eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video). Sign up at the Circulation Department or by calling 765-668-2900.

One-On-One Instruction

If you aren’t able to attend one of our technology courses or would prefer more personalized assistance with your laptop or device, visit Paul or Joanne at the Circulation desk to schedule a one-on-one appointment.

Accredited online instruction via Universal Class

Universal Class offers more than 500 online classes, both self-paced and instructor-led. Computer skills, including Photoshop and Excel, are available. Accredited courses are authorized by the International Association for Continuing Education Training (IACET), with continuing-education units on qualifying courses

Independent Practice

Practice using the mouse with Mousercise.