What is a hotspot?

    • It’s like a cellphone-size bundle of internet. Flip one on, and you get instant access to wireless internet for your laptop, smartphone, smart TV, or other mobile device.

Why is MPL lending hotspots?

    • Improving internet access helps everyone. By borrowing hotspots, more library patrons get 24/7 access to library resources, plus job and education websites.

Hotspot information

      • Borrow a hotspot and get wi-fi.
      • Adults with library cards may check out a hotspot for 7 days.
      • Hotspots cannot be renewed.
      • There is a $5 per day overdue charge with a $70 maximum.
      • Hotspots must be returned during library hours to a library employee.
      • Please do NOT return in the Book Drop.
      • Borrowers will get a $10 fine for returning devices through the Book Drop.
      • Hotspots cannot be reserved or placed on hold


Getting started

      • Press and hold the power button the ZTE hotspot until it powers on. If it does not power on, it may need to be charged. Use the charging cord in the case. Once a device is turned on, a welcome screen will appear, followed by the Sprint logo. It may say configuring or connecting after that.
      • Go to the device you wish to connect to the Internet. Choose the option that has the name that can be found on the outside of the travel case: All are named after animals.
      • When prompted, enter the wi-fi password on the insert inside the lid of the carrying case. To shut down the hotspot, push and hold the power until it goes black.