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Grant County has 347 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and 26 deaths. So far, 5,549 tests have been administered. Learn details about Grant County's cases at Regenstrief Institute.

Indiana State Department of Health has opened a free COVID-19 testing site at the Clarence Faulkner Center, 1221 W 12th St, Marion. Hours: 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Register here. Those who have symptoms or have been exposed are urged to get a test. Bring proof of Indiana residency: state-issued ID, a utility bill with your address, work ID. Learn more here.


Indiana has begun easing restrictions. The state has entered Stage 4.5 of the 5-stage plan for the state's handling of coronavirus, including guidelines for when businesses, churches, group gatherings, destinations, government, agencies, and other services may re-open and at what level. Information will be updated on Back on Track Indiana. 


Grant County has de-escalated operations to Level III. Scheduled briefings will be 9 a.m. Mondays and Fridays, with others as required. Commissioners and other elected officials in the county are planning policies for re-opening the county. Dr. David Moore, head of the county health department, will provide direction to county officials to balance the governor's roadmap with locally specific outbreaks.


Scam alert: Neither Marion General Hospital nor the Grant County Health Department is sending anyone to private residents to test for COVID-19. Those who are approached with such offers should report them to non-emergency lines at City of Marion police (765-662-9981) or Grant County Sheriff’s Department (765-668-8168)

IUPUI and Indiana Department of Health are joining in COVID-19 research study. The random invitation for testing for the virus and antibodies will go to 5,000 people statewide in this first part of the study and 20,000 overall. The study will include conducting both nasopharyngeal swabs and blood draws. IU Health and Eli Lilly will process the tests, and Zotec Partners will register and deliver results. The first part started April 25; later tests will be in late May, October, and April 2021. Participants will be notified of their eligibility for the study by mail, text message, email or phone and will be directed to the testing site closest to their residence. Registrants will receive a unique code that they will show at the testing site as proof of participation.


The Indiana Department of Health is allowing residential health-care centers to move those with COVID-19 positive tests together, which provides safeguards for those who did not test positive and to potentially allow interaction among those who are testing positive. Families are to be notified. The state is urging long-term care centers to study their policies to consider allowing families to say goodbye to dying family members.

Marion Utilities has begun accepting pre-sorted recycled items at its 1300 N. Washington Street facility from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday. What to recycle flyer here. News release, with explanation, here. The office has temporarily suspended water cutoffs in light of urgent needs to promote hand-washing. Inquiries: 765-664-2392, Option 2 during office hours (8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday) or Option 4 to leave a message after hours. Payments may be made at the kiosk, drive-up window, or online.

Unemployment benefits and small-business relief are expanding. All WorkOne offices are closed. Filing online is preferred; filing by phone remains available though there are extended wait times. The Department of Workforce Development asks that calls be limited to filing; DWD is unable to answer questions about the federal stimulus package. More about COVID-19 specific issues.


Next Jobs Workforce Ready Grant offers career training and coaching. The contact for assistance for Grant County residents: 317-617-0237 or INvestEd at 317-715-9007

You can support local first-responders and health-care workers by donating to Grant County EMA's pass-through fund through Grant County Community Foundation. The money will fund protective gear.

Federal and Indiana state income tax payment deadlines are now July 15. Indiana calls on counties to waive fines for property taxes paid after May 11; the state will work with counties to help with cash flow. File for free online.


COVID Symptom Tracker is both a research tool and a way for users to track their health. This nonprofit effort, partnering U.S. and British researchers with ZOE, offers an app that uses artificial intelligence to predict whether users are likely to have COVID-19 based upon symptoms. The app does not track location nor people.

The Government Support Index is a searchable database of federal assistance programs, assembled by Omnigraphics.

Harvard Business News shares reports about economic and business issues. Some reports are geared to small businesses.

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map shows the virus' spread worldwide.

Nextstrain is tracking in real time how the virus is changing.

STATS Indiana brings its strengths in statistics, demographics, and reliability with its COVID-19 Resource Hub. Great for research.


COVID-19 Workforce Recovery Jobs link is available via the Grant County Economic Growth Council.


Find employment help through Northeast Indiana Works, a nonprofit that is offering virtual job fairs.

Marion/Grant-County Chamber of Commerce has resources for local businesses

Grant County Economic Growth Council has community response resources. It also offers the preliminary application for the small-business loan fund

Small business disaster assistance applications are still being processed. The only new applications accepted are from agricultural businesses.


Local businesses and residents can help each other with this communication via Facebook - who's open, alternative ways of shopping, etc. 

LibraryIQ provides vetted resources for small businesses.

Unemployment filing information or call 800-891-6499

Working from home changes the dynamics for all. Here are videos to help you handle remote work & stress management from ACCEL 5.


Lilly offers information about testing for health-care workers, first-responders, essential workers, those deemed higher risk, and the asymptomatic interested in participating in a study.

EBSCO - a long-standing library resource - has compiled the COVID-19 Information Portal, with constantly updated information from resources from government and non-government resources.


School schedules have been disrupted. Find out the latest at these links.

Marion Community Schools

Eastbrook Community Schools

Madison-Grant United School Corporation

Mississinewa Community Schools

Oak Hill United School Corporation

The King's Academy

Kinwell Academy

Lakeview Christian School

St. Paul Catholic School
Early Head Start (Carey Industries)

Little Giants Preschool



Grant County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) advisory


Grant County EMA advisory on 6/8

Grant County EMA advisory​​ on 6/5


Grant County EMA advisory on 6/1

Grant County EMA advisory on 5/26


Grant County EMA advisory on 5/22

Grant County EMA advisory on 5/15

Grant County EMA advisory  on 5/15

Grant County EMA advisory on 5/11

Grant County EMA advisory on 5/10

Grant County EMA advisory on 5/9


Grant County EMA advisory on 5/8


Grant County EMA advisory on 5/7


Grant County EMA advisory on 5/6


Grant County EMA advisory on 5/4


Grant County EMA advisory on 5/3


Grant County EMA advisory on 5/2

Grant County EMA advisory on 5/1

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/30

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/29

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/28

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/27

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/26

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/25

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/24

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/23

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/22

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/21

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/20

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/19

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/18.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/17.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/16.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/15.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/14.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/13.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/10.


Grant County EMA advisory on 4/9.


Grant County EMA advisory on 4/8.


Grant County EMA advisory on 4/7.


City of Marion executive order on 4/6.


Grant County EMA advisory on 4/6.


Grant County EMA advisory on 4/5.

Grant County Health Department announcement of the first local COVID-19 deaths (amended to 2 deaths), posted

on 4/5.

City of Marion news release on 4/5.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/4.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/3.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/2.

Grant County EMA advisory on 4/1.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/31.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/29.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/28.


Grant County EMA advisory on 3/27.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/26.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/25.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/24.

Marion Utilities advisory on 3/24.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/23.

Grant County Economic Growth Council announces financial assistance on 3/23.

City of Marion shuts down City Hall, limits offerings to essential services on 3/23.

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/20.

Grant County Commissioners report on 3/19

Grant County EMA advisory on 3/19

Indiana Resource guide lists where to find situation updates, and information about travel, unemployment insurance, child-care help, assistance, state parks, and more.

Grant County Courts announcement on 3/18

Grant County Executive order announcement on 3/18


Grant County updates.

City of Marion links


Marion General Hospital COVID-19 information or call with COVID-19 questions at 765-660-6999.


Back on Track updates.


Indiana Coronavirus updates

Indiana Coronavirus cases map by county.

Indiana executive orders 

Coronavirus 24/7 Call Center at 877-826-0011 can answer general questions, though it can offer no medical advice nor test results.

Indiana Attorney General offers links and tips to prevent fraud, lodge complaints, and have a little fun with the U.S. FTC Scam Bingo Card. (Call from your own number - BINGO!)

Find out about aid for food, cash assistance, or health insurance at Indiana Family and Social Services Administration or call 800-403-0864

Child care options

The Indiana Department of Transportation is doing roadwork while traffic has subsided. Some counties have travel advisories. Check both before you leave home.

Indiana 2-1-1 is a free, confidential service that steers Hoosiers to local resources. It can be accessed online or by calling 2-1-1; open 24 hours day, every day.


Indiana Resource guide lists where to find situation updates, and information about travel, unemployment insurance, child-care help, assistance, state parks, and more. 


Main page from the CDC plus a Coronavirus FAQ.

The Veterans Administration urges veterans with symptoms - fever, coughing, shortness of breath - to contact their local hospital. (Marion's facility: 765-674-3321) They can also use MyHealthevet to send messages to care providers or use telehealth programs to get a remote diagnosis.

Wonder about that story going around social media? FEMA responds to the most common rumors.

Rep. Susan Brooks offers information about federal programs and links.


Grant County Council and Commissioners: How to attend remote meetings.

City of Marion announces meetings that are held digitally and those that are canceled.

Marion Public Library Board will have a meeting on Tuesday, July 21 at 6 p.m.  


UPDATED 7/15/2020

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