As a service of Marion Public Library, the Museum exists to preserve and make available, primarily through artifacts, the history of Marion and Grant County, Indiana. Housed in the historic Carnegie Building, the Museum includes items from the Grant County Historical Society which were displayed in the Matter Park Octogenarian Museum until 1991.

Other permanent exhibits include a representation of a Grant County pioneer log cabin, locally manufactured glass bottle and fruit jar collection, antique electric kitchen appliances, children’s toys, and vintage clothing.

Veterans from the United States Armed Forces are recognized in the Patriotic Exhibit. Included in the exhibit is a photograph of Civil War veteran Woodson Marshall, a uniform from the Spanish-American War as well as artifacts from both World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and Operation Southern Watch in Saudi Arabia.

The Irene Reed Indiana History and Genealogy Department is also located in the Carnegie building. Special non-circulating collections in this area provide information for those researching Marion and Grant County history and tracing family histories. A gift from the Keating Foundation in 1985 furnished and redecorated part of this expanded area in honor of Mrs. Reed who gave more than 33 years of service to the library and community.

Open year-round. Group tours are available; please arrange in advance with the Museum curator. Call for information (765) 668-2900, extension 150

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