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You can print directly from your device - phone, tablet, laptop - to one of our printers. You can even send your prints before you get to the library. 

Black & white prints can be printed at Circulation, Reference, or Indiana History - prints cost 10 cents per page. Color prints are 50 cents per page and can only be printed at Reference. 

Just ask at your preferred desk if your prints are here, and we'll do the rest. This will save your skin when your home printer chooses a bad time to break down.

Send an email, attaching the files that you want to print.


Printable files include MS Word (doc/docx), PowerPoint (ppt/pptx), pdf, jpeg, html, txt, png, bmp, email, website files.

Email your prints to:

Black & white:


Come to the desk and ask if your prints have arrived. We print them, you pay for them, you're on your way. 

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