Job openings

MPL has an opening for a new position for Museum Assistant. It's 20 hours a week and expects proficiency in  computer programs and ability to do signage and social media, plus assist with digitization. College degree or current work on a degree preferred. Library certification not required.


Pick up applications from the Office or Reference, or follow instructions in job description to get one emailed to you.

Volunteer opportunities

Those interested in volunteering at MPL can pick up an application in the Administration Office, or if that is closed, the Reference Desk.

Opportunities depend upon the needs of the library and the skills and interest of volunteers. 


Note: The state of Indiana requires certification by the Indiana State Library for some librarian positions. If licensing is required, this will be mentioned in the job description.


MPL is a Class B library, which is based upon the population of our service area - the city of Marion. Here's a link to the Indiana Certification Manual.