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Want to pick up books, movies, & more but you don't want to leave your car?

You don't have to.

With MPL's curbside pickup, you place your requests, then a librarian will contact you to set a time once we've found what you want. You show up, we give you your request. We can accommodate you even if you're on a bike or on foot.

Place items on hold yourself through the catalog (or use the button at the top) or call in your request (765-668-2900), then choose Circulation (Extension 1101) or Children's (Extension 1105). Phone requests are limited to 5 items.

Once you get notice that your items are ready, set a pickup time with Circulation or Children's. They will ask for identifying information about your car and ask you to park out front. When you're there, they will put the items in your trunk.

Want help picking items? No problem. Librarians will play matchmaker with books and movies.


Children's has long offered Stories to Go with themes that mesmerise preschoolers. Children's librarians are creating theme packs for older kids. Also, ask about craft kits with any children's request.

Curbside is here to stay. 

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