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What it is

The Summer Reading Program encourages reading for fun. MPL has programs for a range of ages:

  • Infants-preschoolers: Get prizes @ 120 & 240 minutes, & a book @ 360 minutes

  • Children (Incoming kindergarten-6th-graders): Get prizes @ 240 & 480 minutes, & a book @ 720 minutes

  • Teens (Incoming 7th-graders to just-graduated seniors): Get prizes @ 6 & 12, & a book 18 hours

  • Adults: Get prizes @ 8 & 16 hours, then a book & a bag at 24 hours

Reading includes books and audio books. Reading to someone else counts for both the reader and the one hearing the story. Put on an audio book in the car or while you're working in the garden or around the house - everyone who's there counts the time.

Sign up

Sign up through the new Reader Zone app, either by downloading it on your phone through App Store or Google Play. It is also available through the Reader Zone website. 

MPL's code: 188c3


Participants may sign up themselves, or parents can sign up all the kids. 

We love our sponsors

It wouldn't be Summer Reading without our amazing community sponsors. Say thanks for all they do - you surely know them for their generosity in other areas. Clapclapclap.

Extra programs, too

Check out our Calendar for programs. We always add special events, and some of our regular programs will take on a Summer Reading theme.

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