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History is being made every day in Grant County. And so are the pieces of history that are on this page.

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Weaver was a settlement of free African-Americans in Liberty Township in southern Grant County. The first families arrived in the early 1840s, and a decade later, it became a farming community.

By the 1880s, Weaver had about 2,000 residents and had its own school, church, Post Office, general store, and blacksmith.

Here are some brief audio segments from a radio interview from February 2019 on Good Morning, Grant County on WBAT, 1400 AM. Hosts Tim George and Ed Breen interview historians Dr. Kersten Priest and Barbara Stevenson-Spurgeon, and Rhonda Stoffer, head of Genealogy and Indiana History for Marion Public Library.

Weaver Interview, Part 1 - Good Morning, Grant County
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Weaver Interview, Part 2 - Good Morning, Grant County
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