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Here are some helpful links to help you make the best of snowy conditions.


NIXLE: Grant County Emergency Management shares weather and other emergency information here.


How to remove snow: Whether it's with a snow blower or a snow shovel, here are tips to make the job go better.


How to drive on snow: Be safe out there. Try these tips to keep yourself out of trouble.


The whys of driving on snow and ice: Somebody had to make a video about the wonky side of driving on snow. Meet somebody. Even if you only understand half of it, the charts will help you see safe following distances.

Walking on Ice 1: Stuntman copies penguin; article and chart. 


Walking on Ice 2: Video illustration, with the science behind it.


How to make an igloo: Fun project for the family who loves to be out in the snow.


Simple crafts: Bonus points if you have googly eyes.


How to make French toast: You bought out all the milk and bread in Grant County. Here's what to do with your bounty.


Pantry generators: Or help for those who didn't buy all the milk and bread in Grant County. Or those who want to up their French toast game. These links will help you figure out what to cook out of ingredients that you already have. From easy to challenging.

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